Why Musicians Playground?

piano lessons student being coached by expert music instructor at Boston MA music school

There are many reasons why Musicians Playground is a great place to begin your musical journey. Every day our students better themselves. Here you will join a vibrant and caring community. Plus, you can improve your overall happiness through the power of learning music.

But as great as those reasons are, there's something else that sets us apart from many other music schools. We care about one thing above all: finding the perfect music instructor for you.

We know that finding the perfect music instructor for you, is the single most important thing in you having happiness and success while learning music. After all, everyone learns differently. It's sad to think there are some people who don't have the joy of music in their lives just because of a mismatch between their instructor and their learning style. That will never be the case at Musicians Playground.

When you become a member, you'll have access to the very best musical coaches in Boston. And it's not just because they're smart, fun, and creative– it's because they also possess the Musicians Playground mindset. They understand that learning music should be fun no matter your skill level or learning style and they have the tools for making it happen.

Our teachers don't just take the time to teach, they take the time to learn as well. You might be asking, “Wait, what do you mean your teachers learn? I thought they were experts?” Well- they are! They're experts in music. But when they teach, they learn to become experts in you. By taking the time to get to know you on a deeper level, they are able to build the perfect plan for you. One that considers you as a whole person and how you can uniquely succeed in your musical journey.

Adult piano student playing music for group of fellow music class attendees at Boston MA studio

But Wait, There's More

That's not all! At Musicians Playground, we offer an experience like no other. Here are just a few of the perks you'll get with your membership:

    Unlimited Classes - Think of this as a gym for your mind and soul. You'll have access to more than 40 complimentary classes a month to come “work out.”

    Community Events - We believe in the power of connection. Want to do yoga or paint to live music? How about performing at a happy hour or game night? Connect through music and community.

    Open Practice - Need some studio time to work on your chops? You'll get unlimited access to a practice space to play at your own pace.

    Modern Gear and Tech - Any musician loves playing on a new instrument or using a premium piece of technology. With your membership, you can enjoy the benefits of top-of-the-line equipment.

    Gorgeous Workspace - Our location was built from the ground up to be inspirational and promote a “home away from home” experience. Have a coffee and use our free WiFi as you work, create, and enjoy your time.

Musical instruction studio space at music school in Boston Massachusetts

It's one thing to read about why Musicians Playground is different, but we want to invite you to experience it for yourself. Fill out a form or book a discovery meeting on our calendar and let us prove to you why we're the best choice when it comes to discovering the happiness of learning music.