Music Lessons

Adult music students learning acoustic guitar in group lesson at music school in Boston MA

Group or Private Musical Instruction

We welcome music hobbyists of all skill levels to come be a part of our piano, voice, and guitar lessons. With your membership, you'll gain access to over 40 complimentary group classes a month, as well as access to private practice spaces. We believe that music lessons are meant to be fun and transformative. We'll match you with the perfect instructor to ensure you have the best experience from the start of your Musicians Playground membership. No matter which music lessons you decide to take, you'll find they're in the spirit of fun, friendship, and self-discovery through music.

Voice Lessons

We find that people are often better singers than they realized once they have the proper guidance in the perfect setting. Surprise yourself as you build your voice, confidence, and your happiness all at once. Feel the safety that comes with joining a community made for music hobbyists with expert voice instructors who make learning fun.


We offer music lessons for three instruments. No matter which instrument you choose, you'll have access to the highest quality coaches in Boston. We'll help you find the perfect coach for your desired instrument. Now you can finally learn those songs you love so much or explore new and exciting music. You'll have an amazing time learning one of the following:

Who Can Learn?

The short answer: anyone! If you want it, you can learn here at Musicians Playground. We love teaching music to people of all ages and skill levels. No matter who you are, when you become a student of Musicians Playground, you'll gain access to our incredible community as you fall in love with learning music.

Adult music student learning electric guitar in private lesson at music school in Boston MA

Adult Music Lessons

We welcome adults from all walks of life to come and better themselves by learning music. Benefits our adult members often cite as a result of taking lessons at Musicians Playground are: increased joy, productivity, focus, confidence, friendships, happiness, and creativity. They enjoy life more. Become better at solving problems. Become happier as humans. And see this happiness transform success in all areas of their life.

For our Adult musicians, we also have group Adult lesson options including Battle of the Bands. This is the perfect option for you if you're looking for a fun birthday spot, group date night, or team building exercise for your company.


Some of our parents whose children take lessons at Musicians Playground, take the opportunity to enrich themselves with a membership as well. This not only allows them to share in the joy of music making with their child, but also to see the benefits for themselves. In joining a community of like minded families the experience becomes that much more powerful.

Kids Music Lessons

Kids learning piano in group lesson for children at music school in Boston MA

We have music lessons that are fun and designed to make learning feel easy for kids of all ages and personalities. After lessons our kids beam with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Their lessons become their most looked forward to activity of the week & safe space for expressing themselves. Their lessons support their growth and success in all aspects of their life; not only as musicians. They become better leaders, problem solvers, and team players too.


It's never too early to start your child's musical journey and there's no question that preschoolers absolutely love music. Put on the right song and before they can even speak they're singing, dancing, and moving to the beat. Our preschool lessons are designed to cultivate this innate sense of music from an early age, allowing children to explore music through instruments and movement. Even our tiniest music lovers benefit from the joy, development, and fun music classes at Musicians Playground provide.