Our Promise

Welcome to Musicians Playground, where you can fall in love with learning music and engage with fellow music enthusiasts! Our community of students find when they go on a musical journey with us, they do more than just learn to play an instrument or improve their singing. Our members experience a new level of wellness and happiness. At Musicians Playground, we promise that great things are waiting for you through the power of playing music.

Adult music students being coached by experienced music instructor at music school in Boston MA

Here at Musicians Playground, we provide you access to the highest quality coaches available. Not only are we choosy when it comes to picking our team, but we also train each instructor to do things using our proven methods. When you're first diving into music lessons, you can't be expected to know how to find the perfect coach to help guide you along your journey. Let Musicians Playground take care of that part of your musical journey for you. We believe that if we take the time to match you with the perfect guitar, piano, voice, or ukulele coach, you'll be more likely to succeed. Our instructors are music lovers who will dedicate all of their creativity and charisma to making sure you not only learn, but also have fun and grow as a person.

Guitar student at music school in group session for adults Boston MA

Musicians Playground is the first-ever "gym” for music lovers. While that might have you scratching your head at first, let us explain what we mean. Just like people go to a gym to work out their bodies, music lessons at a dedicated space is proven to work out your heart, mind and soul. When you become a member of Musicians Playground, you gain access to 40+ complimentary group classes a month as a part of your membership. These group sessions are a powerful way to get great results, build meaningful relationships with other music lovers, and challenge yourself in new ways.

Piano lesson room at music school in Boston MA

We also promise that our location was carefully designed to inspire creativity while providing you with the perfect atmosphere to learn and play. With high ceilings, tons of natural light, and an open floor plan, we put in place certain features to create your ideal home away from home. We don't just offer the best in Boston music lessons, we're also a great space to center yourself as you enjoy a cup of coffee and free wireless internet.

Maybe you're looking for a place to host your next team-building event or happy hour? If so, our space is the perfect fit for a wide variety of events.

In addition to all that, as a member, you also gain access to premium instruments and current technology to help you on your journey. Playing on top-of-the-line instruments is like taking a luxury car for a spin. It's more enjoyable and premium quality means a better overall experience.

Musicians Playground Would Love to Have You

At Musicians Playground, we promise that no matter who you are, we'd love to help you transform through music. We believe that through music anything is possible, and we'd love to show you how. If you're ready to experience a level of wellness and happiness that can only be achieved through music lessons, then we'd love to talk. Fill out a form, or book a Discovery meeting with us on Calendly.