Battle Of The Bands

Corporate team building event participants at music school in Boston MA

When we say "battle" what we really mean is "inspiring, super fun team building event"-- but that's not nearly as catchy, is it? Let us show you how we've developed the gold standard of team building in Boston with our Battle of the Bands!

Corporate Team Building Doesn't Have to Be Boring

We all understand how important it is for your company's team to have bonds of trust, connection, and fellowship-- but how can you facilitate it? Sure you can sign up for a "team building event", but frankly many of those can feel like just another day at the office.

Not when you work with Musicians Playground. To give companies like yours the opportunity to participate in team building events that truly have an impact (and are a ton of fun) we've invented the Musicians Playground Battle of the Bands.

We've designed this program from the ground up to boost productivity, promote growth, and inspire creativity. When you participate in our Battle of the Bands, your team will stay engaged, connected, and joyous as they participate in this interactive, award-winning musical experience.

Okay, So How Does It Work?

Setting up your event with us is simple. First, we never take a cookie-cutter approach with any of our clients. We'd love to provide you with a free consultation to learn your exact needs. From there, our staff will build you the perfect event that will be fun and engaging for your specific team. We'll help you choose the perfect song and a date/time that works for your company.

After that, we'll do all of the heavy lifting for you! All you need to do is show up with your squad, grab a drink, and be ready to have the most fun ever.

Once you arrive, our expert coaches will create a safe environment for your employees to connect with each other and explore creatively. No matter what your team's experience level, our staff will help them learn to play a hit song. Choose piano, voice, guitar, and more.

Here's where the battling and the band portions come in. While we continue encouraging community and positivity, we'll also have smaller groups connect and begin to work their way through some fun musical challenges. These are easy and centered around having a good time, but will keep people of all skill levels engaged.

In two hours we'll help your people transform into the ultra-talented rock band they were born to be, and they'll perform!

Teen age piano player in musical group with 2 guitarists at group music lesson in Boston MA

Musicians Playground is Where the Battle Begins!

Here at Musicians Playground, we’re committed to delivering an experience that will boost team morale and elevate your company's culture forever with our Battle of the Bands.

Your crew will enjoy our purposefully designed workspace that is loaded with modern amenities, has an open floor plan, and is flooded with natural light. Enjoy coffee, free wireless, in a relaxing and comfortable space.

We make learning music an experience that is engaging, fun, and promotes deep levels of cooperation and connection.

What About Other Music Lovers?

Battle of the Bands isn't just for team building! It's also a great experience for those looking for a unique birthday party idea or even just a fun night out. Just think about how many Escape Rooms you've done with your friends, it's time for something new!

Fill out a form or schedule an appointment with our Calendly link to learn more. We're excited to take your team (or happy hour) to the next level!