Who Can Learn?

preschool child, grade school kid and adult at group - private music lesson in Boston MA

When it comes to teaching music, we believe the process is meant to be fun, social, and ultimately transformative.

So who can learn at Musicians Playground? The bottom line is "basically everyone."

We watch people who never thought they ever had a "musical bone in their body" take on an instrument and learn to play it with passion, enthusiasm, and excitement. So if you're able and willing, no matter what your age or personality, you can learn at Musicians Playground.

Having said that, here are some of our specific programs available to give you a better idea of how our music lessons work for various age groups.

Learning for Preschoolers

Take your children from 'just playing' to 'playing music'! We see young children gravitate toward music and rhythm-- it brings a smile to their faces like nothing else. Watch your preschoolers laugh, dance, and smile as we help to teach them basic principles of music at an early age, promoting fun and cognitive development.

Learning for Kids

We have excellent private lessons for grade-school-aged children and up. Thanks to our in-depth training in-house, our instructors go beyond your average music teacher. They are not only experts in their instruments, but also when it comes to teaching kids musical instruments or singing. The perfect teachers helping your child choose the right instrument while using the best methods make a huge difference in ensuring success.

Learning for Adults

For our adults who are interested in learning to play an instrument, we have some unique, proven methods that you won't find anywhere else. For you, Musicians Playground works like a gym membership where, as a member you'll gain access to 40+ complimentary group adult music classes a month. These lessons tend to help people advance in tangible ways by challenging them to grow, and deepening results being around other musicians. You can also take your practice to the next level with private lessons, or by enjoying unlimited studio time practicing music and learning at your own pace.

Adult voice lesson student with adult piano student at private music lesson in Boston Massachusetts

How to Learn to Play an Instrument?

So, you now realize that you can almost definitely learn an instrument. But now it's time to ask yourself an equally important question: how should you learn to play an instrument?

In our experience, if you want to truly learn, and have an amazing experience, Musicians Playground is the best place in Boston to learn and play music. Don't shortchange yourself and try to learn a new instrument with online courses that aren't custom-made for you and your learning style. Don't download an app or use video tutorials that aren't exactly what you need. And don't have a family member, friend, or neighbor try to show you the ropes with sporadic, unstructured 'practice sessions'. While all of those are great supplements, Musicians Playground will take your practicing to the next level. Coming together as a community through our group classes will help you learn in a whole new way and grow with those in your neighborhood.

No matter what your age, personality, or learning style, we have expert coaches who are here to help you in a way you won't find anywhere else. They will conduct private lessons and / or group lessons while bringing a fun, charismatic approach to your music education that is perfect for you.

We'd Love to Have You at Musicians Playground

No matter who you are, we think you can fall in love with the transformative power of learning music. When you become a member, you'll immediately become a part of our community.

Let's talk today. Give us a call, or fill out a Calendly link. We're excited to hear from you.