Adult Music Lessons

Adult group music lesson jam session with all students participating

So, you're an adult and you want to learn a musical instrument? Perfect. You are absolutely in the right place.

Here at Musicians Playground, we specialize in music lessons for adults with an emphasis on fun, community, and wellness through music. In fact, our adult music program is one of the most popular in Boston, and we have many adult students just like you. No matter your age or experience, we have music classes that are perfect for you.

If you're ready to start learning musical instruments it's never too late here at Musicians Playground, and we're excited to meet you. Here are some more details about why so many love our adult music programs.

Music Lessons for Adults

No matter what your musical interest level, we have adult music lessons that are perfectly tailored for you. Here are just some of the opportunities you'll have to develop on your musical journey.

What Do We Teach?

Here at Musicians Playground, you can take music lessons on four different instruments. First, we provide voice lessons for those that want to use their own singing as their instrument of choice. We also offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, and ukulele lessons.

Group Classes

Our adult music students get access to 40+ complimentary group classes each month as a part of their membership. These group learning opportunities are a great way to get to know more people in the community, play with other music lovers, and deepen your results in a group setting. Musicians Playground is truly your community music center for all things musical.

Now, you may be thinking, “but I'm a beginner, I need private lessons first.” However, group classes are actually perfect for beginners and intermediate musicians! Not only does the frequency of the classes allow you to hone in your skills, they also provide members with new musical challenges presented in each type of class.

Private music lesson session at Boston MA music instruction studio

Private Lessons

In addition to our group learning opportunities, we do offer private music lessons to our adult members as well. You'll get one-on-one attention and have an opportunity to take your music education to the next level. Get the right advice at the right time to deepen your understanding and improve.

Open Practice

Want to take what you're learning in your guitar lessons and really put in some deep rehearsal time to master it? All of our adult members enjoy unlimited studio time so you can play and learn at your own pace.

Adult Happy Hours

All of our adult students at Musicians Playground also gain access to our monthly Adult Happy Hours which take place once a month from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Anyone in attendance will enjoy live performances from our members and staff. It's BYOB so as you hang out and hear some great music, you can also sip on your beverage of choice. It gets better! Your friends and family are welcome, so these Happy Hours are amazing performance opportunities to show off your progress.

Why Musicians Playground?

Here at Musicians Playground, we'll give you access to the highest quality music lessons available thanks to our experienced teachers. Every coach on our team is hand-picked and uses their charisma and knowledge to provide fun, unique lessons. They'll dynamically match their teaching style to your learning style for the best learning experience possible.

We'll also equip you with top-of-the-line musical instruments and other equipment so you can play on high-quality guitars, pianos, and ukuleles without an expensive trip to the music store. We find that when our students play on great gear they enjoy it more, and it can lead to improved results.

We truly believe in the transformative power of music, and know that you'll fit right into our positive, welcoming community. Better yourself with our adult music lessons today.

Call or grab a Calendly link, and let's get you started on your musical journey.