Guitar Lessons

Adult music students learning acoustic and electric guitar at lesson at music school in Boston MA

So you want to learn to play guitar? Rock on! We're happy you're here, and we're ready to help. The guitar is one of the most iconic, popular, and unique instruments out there.

The guitar is the centerpiece of many genres of music, and an instrument with a rich history. You could say that with all of the musical styles it touches, the guitar is one of the most eclectic instruments there is. I mean, what other instrument could find itself in country, pop, rock, reggae, and flamenco? That's just to name a few!

Guitar Lessons, Acoustic or Electric

If you're just getting started, you might be wondering if you should begin by learning the electric or acoustic guitar.

The great thing about learning to play guitar is that when you learn the basics on the electric or acoustic, you'll be able to move back and forth seamlessly between the two. Guitar chords are essentially the same on both acoustic and electric, so when you master one, you master both.

Do you want to learn acoustic guitar? Perfect, then you'll also have the foundational education needed to jump over to an electric guitar fairly easily. And while the two have differences, if you can play acoustic guitar, you can also play electric guitar with a little practice. So which should you choose?

Well, consider what kinds of music you like listening to that features the guitar. Do you love soul, blues, or rock? Then you might want to consider beginning with the electric. Or if you are a fan of country, bluegrass, or folk- you may want to consider starting with the acoustic guitar.

Oh, and something else that we're excited to share with you: Whichever route you choose, Musicians Playground is pleased to offer all of our members access to our premium guitars. When you learn on a high-quality instrument, your enjoyment and results will inevitably increase. Plus, let's be honest- they look super cool, too!

Learn Guitar at Musicians Playground

If you're an absolute beginner and want to begin your journey to becoming a guitar player, then Musicians Playground is the place for you.

Don't settle for impersonal online guitar lessons, using an app, or your neighbor teaching you. Instead come and see why we're Boston's #1 club for music lovers. When you experience the Musicians Playground difference, you'll see why people are members for life. Enjoy access to 40+ complimentary group classes a month as part of your membership, and access to our modern, airy studio space. Get ready for incredible results, and a fresh new way to keep you inspired!

When you become a part of Musicians Playground, you won't have to guess which teacher is best for your guitar journey. We've got that covered for you! We'll perfectly match you with the best coach for your unique needs so you can get incredible results.

At Musicians Playground, we are supporters of music hobbyists, and believe that learning music is meant to be fun, social, and even transformative.

We'd love to talk about how we can get your guitar playing journey started. Fill out the form with your information, or set up an appointment using our Calendly link.

We look forward to talking (and rocking) with you soon!