Voice Instructor


Have you been desiring to be a part of a community of music lovers & learners that value fun, connection, and wellness through music?

Does the idea of joining a modern music education startup that changes lives through teaching music to excite you?

Are you passionate about teaching & looking for a way to earn more money doing what you love?

Read on to learn more about the perfect opportunity for you.

Musicians Playground (MP), located in Downtown Crossing, is hiring for a voice instructor to join its mission in offering music lovers of all ages the opportunity to fall in love with learning and making music.

As an MP voice instructor, you will be a critical part of the organization, teaching adults & children both in-studio & virtually - and work closely with management to head all initiatives related to the voice department's growth.

Who We're Looking For

Our ideal candidate possesses the following qualities:

  • Love and experience coaching children ages 5 and up.
  • A passion for working with adult hobbyists.
  • Ability to sing a range of contemporary genres at a professional level.
  • Experience performing in a band.
  • An undergraduate degree from a leading music institution (or working toward one).
  • Previous teaching experience in both private and group settings.
  • Ability to play multiple instruments is a plus.
  • Experience with production is a plus.

Our ideal candidate provides an exciting, safe & supportive place for all to discover their inner musician. Their lessons are expressive, engaging, creative and inspiring.


  • Teaching adults & children in group & private settings both in-studio & virtually.
  • Co-leading our music-based team-building event, Battle of the Bands.
  • Assisting with preparing and overseeing creative co-working space & special events.
  • Client scheduling, communications, and support.
  • Assisting in social media and curriculum development initiatives.
  • Attending meetings with staff on an as-needed basis.
  • Daily checking of communication channels and timely communication with fellow team members & clients.
  • Arranging music on an as-needed basis for clients & staff.
  • Assisting with sound and setup for special events.


To be a Musicians Playground team member, a minimum of 12 hours of weekly availability during 3 peak days & times are required.

Peak days & hours at Musicians Playground are:

Monday - Thursday | 3PM-9PM
Friday | 3PM-7PM
Saturday & Sunday | 9AM-4PM

Team members must also be available for a weekly virtual team meeting every Wednesday from 1PM-2PM.

On a periodic basis, MP hosts events for its clients on Friday evenings & Sunday mornings. All teachers are required to attend these and will be given a minimum of 1 month's notice to plan ahead for them.

Minimum Commitment

The minimum commitment for this position is ONE YEAR, however, our ideal candidate sees themself wanting to grow in their role and with Musicians Playground for the long term.

Pay & Benefits:

Pay structure & benefits are based on experience, performance, and longevity with the company but typically start as follows:

$30/hr-$40/hr | Private Lesson Teaching
$40/hr-$50/hr | Group Class Teaching
$15/hr-$20/hr  | Administrative Work

Other Benefits Our Team Loves:

  • Semi-annual bonuses based on performance.
  • The option to teach clients you procure independently at no cost during off-peak hours in the studio.
  • The option to use the studio for personal & professional needs at no cost.
  • Monthly reimbursement for your monthly unlimited T Pass (up to $99) or use of a company scooter free of charge to get to where you need to go conveniently.
  • All costs associated with marketing, sales, administration, and space being taken care of for you, so that you can focus on what you do best, teaching & leading.
  • Top-of-the-line space, amenities, instruments, and technology. A place you'll love coming to work!
  • Paid teacher training & development.
  • Personal & professional development.
  • Free use of teaching resources & sheet music.
  • The high-quality clients & team members you'll be working with.
  • The ability to grow in various roles in the business.

About Musicians Playground

Musicians Playground is conveniently located in downtown Boston in a beautiful 3,000-square-foot studio outfitted with top-of-the-line instruments, amenities, and technology. We offer exciting opportunities for learning and making music in both private and group settings for adults and kids, music-based team-building events & parties, and creative co-working space. We are 100% for music hobbyists and believe music is meant to be fun, social, and personally transformative. Everything we do, we do in the spirit of this coming true for those we serve.

Learn more about Musicians Playground by visiting us at:

About Our Team

Our team is a small group of passionate teachers & musicians who are selected for their commitment to the mission of MP & the work they do as educators in changing people's lives through music.

To Apply:

Please email info@musiciansplayground.com with the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Video (5 minutes or less) telling us who you are, why you want to work for MP & why you think you're the best person for the position

In order to be invited to an interview you must:

  • Show a deep understanding & enthusiasm for MP's values/missions in the writing of your cover letter.
  • Possess the qualities and skills that are needed for the position as stated above.
  • Follow all directions exactly as written for applying to the position as stated above.

Thank you for your interest! We can't wait to partner with you on this exciting opportunity.