(Ages 4+)

Piano, Voice, & Guitar

Looking for your child to progress at maximum rates and fall in love with learning music?

Musicians Playground teachers bring the creativity, passion, and fun your child needs to fall in love with learning music. From the moment we meet your child, we will deeply care for their happiness and success. Starting with a free consultation, our team will get to know your child on a deeper level, and create customized programming for them based on their interests and developmental needs. More than just music, our teachers are trained to integrate critical life skills in every lesson they teach. Creativity, leadership, communication problem solving, and emotional awareness are just some of many qualities your child will learn through their musical studies with our talented staff.

Give your child the gift of falling in love with learning music.

(4) 30 Minute Private Lessons a Month – starting at $220/MO

(4) 45 Minute Private Lessons a Month – starting at $290/MO

(4) 60 Minute Private Lessons a Month – starting at $360/MO



  • The most customized learning experience possible!
  • Ability to study at length, many different aspects of music including technique, theory, repertoire, ensemble playing,listening, sight-reading, and more
  • Be able to play anything he/she wants
  • Feel comfortable and confident in their musical ability
  • Feel what it’s like to be outstanding at something!

What The Kids Are Saying

  • “I like having Alyssa as my piano teacher because she helps me learn a lot of piano and is very nice. My favorite thing is that she has a real piano & that she is a really good pianist. She makes piano fun! She also thinks of a lot of stuff for her students to do that they like. She thought for us to do a masterclass. It was really cool!”

    Sophie Young Beginner - Age 8
  • "I really like how she doesn’t get mad at us when we make mistakes. She doesn’t go too hard…but doesn’t go too easy. I feel like I learn a lot from her and I really like her lessons. She has fun gatherings so that we can hear other people play and meet some of the other students too!”

    Celia Young Beginner - Age 10