Musicians’ Playground is HIRING!

Musicians’ Playground is HIRING!

Is your love of music and people going unused?

Do you wish to have a flexible schedule and be in total control of how much money you make – all while doing what you love?

Would you like to be a key player in a rapidly growing startup company?

I may have the perfect job for you.

I’m Alyssa O’Toole & I’m the Founder of Musicians’ Playground (MP).

Back in 2010 when I graduated college, I found myself deeply unhappy working in corporate America. I knew I wasn’t embracing my deepest desires in this lifetime. My love for music, people, and helping others was going unused – and everyday that passed I felt more and more lost. It was in this moment of my life that I dreamt of a “Musicians Playground”. A place where, through music, imaginations could be inspired, creativity embraced, dreams realized, passion ignited, and lifelong connections forged. Where the rest of the world could fall away, and our truest selves could come out to play.

By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Satsuki Shibuya

Today, I’m proud to say that MP has become a reality, and serves as an all in one destination for the modern music lover. With a focus on community, wellness, and fun – we have created a one of a kind approach for music education, that positions music as a centerpiece in people’s lives. Much like a gym, Musicians Playground offers a wide range of group classes in piano, voice, and guitar – as well as options for personal training, open practice, and performance.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?

Musicians Playground wouldn’t be what it is without its remarkable team.

There’s nothing wrong with staying small. You can do big things with a small team.

Jason Fried

The MP team is comprised of some of the most compassionate, talented, fun, open-minded, courageous, hard-working, and interesting people you will ever meet.

Together we have dared to reinvent what learning music can be, and the ways in which we can touch others through what we love to do. And now we need more talent to join our team.

Think it could be you?

MP is immediately hiring for:

  • Piano Instructors
  • Multi-Instrumentalist Instructors

MP is always open to meeting:

  • Piano, Guitar, Voice, & Drum Instructors
  • Multi-Instrumentalist Instructors

As an MP Instructor, you’ll need to consider:

You must be able to work for Musicians Playground for a minimum of 1 year.

Peak hours at MP are between 7AM & 9AM, 12PM-1PM, and 4PM-9PM weekdays — and 9AM-6PM weekends. You’re going to need to be able to work a minimum of three days consistently, to do well at MP.

Pay ranges. Depending on your incoming experience, skill level, and training during your time at MP – you can make between $25 & $40 per hour teaching privately, and up to $75 per hour teaching in a small group setting.

It takes time to build a solid clientele. Becoming a full time teacher can take up to 6 months for superstar candidates and up to an entire academic year for candidates with less experience and training. On the plus side, this may allow you the time and flexibility to phase out of other jobs, as you develop into the best teacher that you can be.

All instructors are required to pass basic assessments across every instrument – piano, voice, and guitar. MP will provide you with training at no cost to do this.

You must be open to teaching group classes. While you’ll receive some training beforehand, it’s helpful if you already come with the innate desire and upbeat energy necessary to lead others.

Musicians Playground is different than any other studio in that it is centered around providing the necessary development for creating world-class teachers and experiences for its clients. Because of this you’ll be required to attend paid Team Meetings, Power Hours, & 1:1 Development Meetings on a consistent basis.

You must like a challenge. The team is constantly putting themselves on the line to receive constructive feedback from one another. If you don’t like giving or receiving feedback in the interest of improving, MP is not a place for you.

There’s room for growth. As you evolve within the business, there will be plenty of options for further growth – whether it be working your way up to be a department head, taking on an administrative role, creating proprietary curriculum, or heading special projects of interest. You’ll always be developing during your time with us.

As an MP Instructor, you’ll need to be:

  • Charismatic.
  • Creative.
  • Happy.
  • Punctual.
  • Reliable.
  • Open minded.
  • Positive.
  • Committed to the mission of MP.
  • A Leader.

Why MP is different than any other studio you’ll apply to:

You’ll receive invaluable mentorship during 1:1 and team meetings that will help you become the best teacher you can be – and ensure you are leading a happy, balanced, and fulfilling life inside and outside of Musicians Playground.

You’ll get paid well to do what you love!

You’ll work in a beautiful space, with top of the line equipment and resources – which you’ll have access to anytime you need it.

You’ll become part of an unstoppable team, who values connectedness, meaning, and growth as much as you do.

You’ll work for a new age company where your ideas will be valued and your talents will be used.

You’ll be doing work that MATTERS. Deeply touching the lives of others through music and reinventing the way it takes place.

Sound like what you’ve been looking for?

Fill out this short survey ASAP and send any additional information you’d like us to review (resume, cover letter) to!

We review applications on an ongoing basis & will contact you if we think you’re the one we’ve been looking for.

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