FREE Open Practice & Specialty Classes

As a member of Musicians Playground you are entitled to FREE unlimited open practice hours which are designated times for members to practice or use studio equipment! This is perfect for someone who doesn’t own their own piano/keyboard yet, is traveling from out of town, or would prefer the camaraderie of other musicians while practicing. Musicians Playground also offers specialty classes that you won’t find at any other studio. These classes are intense, skill building seminars that help you see results faster!

Top of the line equipment and technology!

You have access to top of the line equipment: A Steinway-made baby-grand piano, brand new Casio keyboards, professional recording software (Garageband, Logic, & Protools), iPads geared up with the latest music applications, and high quality photos and videos shot with a Canon T3i.

Plenty of performance opportunities!

There are two major recitals held every year for young beginners to showcase their work in front of family and friends – and every term students are invited to participate in masterclasses, where they get experience performing in front of others while receiving supportive feedback from both myself and peers. Adult students are invited to share their love of music with friends and family too! Musicians Playground Happy Hours are fun, relaxed, opportunities for the adults to perform their music and meet others like themselves, who choose to study later in life.

Portfolio Development

Musicians Playground believes that portfolios are critical tools for reflecting on our accomplishments over time and staying committed to future growth. Because of this, we keep an organized file of videos, photographs, and completed work for each of our clients at no additional cost. This information is added to a private portfolio every year that our members can use at their discretion. For many members, the portfolios have proven to be valuable tools when applying for schools, scholarships, and jobs.

Visits from guest artists & field trips!

Depending on the course schedule, visits from local music professionals and field trips to local music institutions are made possible. They are wonderful opportunities for you to build your network, learn about music in practical contexts, and get exposed to the extensive possibilities that exist within the world of music.

An exciting and customized learning experience!

Unlike any other studio in the Boston area, you can choose whether you want to enroll in group or private lessons – or a combination of the two. This gives you the most exciting and customized learning experience possible.