(Ages 4+)

Kids Group Piano Lessons

The most fun and effective way of learning music for young beginners!

Does your child have trouble focusing? Dread lessons? Refuse to practice? Struggle to learn concepts? Show minimal interest and progress after years of studying? Group lessons are the answer!

Kid Group Lessons at Musicians’ Playground guarantee results and offer your child the most fun in the process! Each week, he/she joins up to five classmates of similar age and skill level for one hour, and participates in a variety of skill building activities. Classes empower the children to be well-rounded musicians by exploring many dimensions of the world of music, early on.

Group classes are a 12-14 week commitment and are $32 each. Tuition can be paid upfront in one installment or two.

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  • Learn fundamental music techniques and understandings necessary for further study/mastery
  • Have the most fun learning music!
  • Feel comfortable and confident in their musical ability
  • Meet others their age who love music and are making the same commitment
  • Feel what it’s like to be outstanding at something!