(Age 18+)

Adult Group Piano Lessons

Have a blast while learning music with others!

Always wanted to learn piano but never had the time? Looking for an exciting new hobby or place where you can surround yourself with like-minded individuals? Looking for a more affordable way to dive into the world of music or learn that favorite song of yours? Group lessons are for you!

Adult Group Piano Lessons at Musicians Playground guarantee results and offer you the most fun in the process! Each week you will join up to five others in one hour of skill building exercises. Those who successfully complete 12 or more weeks of group lessons are able to read music fluently, play proficiently, and perform at least two songs from start to finish. All curriculum and song choices are completely customized to your and your group members’ preferences – making the experience the most fun and meaningful.

Group classes are a 12-14 week commitment and are $32 each. Tuition can be paid upfront in one installment or two.

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  • Have the most fun learning music!
  • Gain the adequate technique and understanding to be able to play anything you want
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your musical ability
  • Meet others who love music and are making the same commitment
  • Have dedicated time for yourself to achieve all that you wish to achieve