Adult 30-Day Challenge

(Age 18+)

Adult 30-Day Challenge (Age 18+)

Get amazing results in only 1 month of training!

Always wanted to learn piano but never had the time? Hate practicing? Have a subpar teacher? Think you can’t play like the masters you admire? It’s time for you to take the 30-Day Challenge for Adults at Musicians’ Playground and find out all that you are capable of!

The program guarantees results. You WILL achieve 3X what you would normally in the one month of time and develop a profound love for music in the process!


  • Guaranteed results in only 1 month!
  • Gain the adequate technique and understanding to be able to play anything you want
  • Perform at the level of someone who has been studying for years
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your musical ability
  • Meet others who love music and are making the same commitment
  • Have dedicated time for yourself to achieve all that you wish to achieve


  • 3 intense, skill-building lessons per week that fit your busy schedule and guarantee results
  • Access to 2 specialty classes per month that focuses at length on technique and form so that you can play what you want to play and sound good doing it!
  • 24/7 coaching and support to ensure your success both in the studio and at home
  • A performance tracking system to measure your progress
    Weekly check-ins to make sure you are on track to achieving your goals
  • Guaranteed results. All you have to do is commit yourself to the challenge and you will be playing piano and enjoying music like never before!