(Age 18+)


The most customized learning experience!

Always wanted to learn piano but never had the time? Prefer to work at your own pace on the things you want to work on? Have a busy life and need flexible scheduling options? Private lessons are for you!

Adult private lessons at Musicians’ Playground guarantee results and offer a unique, engaging, and fun one-on-one learning experience. Lessons are one hour long and are tailored in advance to meet your needs.

Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or are looking to become a better pianist – private lessons can help you get there!


  • The most customized learning experience possible!
  • Ability to study at length, many different aspects of music including technique, theory, repertoire, ensemble playing, listening, sight-reading, and more
  • Be able to play anything you want
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your musical ability
  • Have dedicated time for yourself to achieve all that you wish to achieve