(Age 18+)

Piano, Voice, & Guitar

The most customized learning experience!

Always wanted to learn but never had the time? Prefer to work at your own pace on things you want to work on? Have a busy life and need flexible scheduling options? Private lessons are for you!

Whether you want to learn Piano, Voice, Guitar — or a combination of the three — Adult Private Lessons at Musicians Playground will guarantee results and offer a unique, engaging, and fun one-on-one learning experience! Lessons are a minimum of 1 hour long and are tailored in advance to meet your needs.

Private lessons start at $74 per hour and are a month to month commitment.

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  • The most customized learning experience possible!
  • Ability to study at length, many different aspects of music including technique, theory, repertoire, ensemble playing, listening, sight-reading, and more
  • Be able to play anything you want
  • Feel comfortable and confident in your musical ability
  • Have dedicated time for yourself to achieve all that you wish to achieve