Here at Musicians Playground we value small teams that do big things. Each of our instructors have worked extremely hard to perfect the lesson experience – following a proprietary approach for teaching music that can only found at Musicians Playground. We bring our unique talents to the table – while focusing on ensuring our clients have the most fun and feel the best while learning. Learn more about our incredible MP team members below.. Learn more about our incredible MP team members below.

Matthew McCarthy

Matt’s objective has always been to make learning music the fun experience it needs to be. His philosophy is that students’ true talents will only come to surface if humor and spirit are added into the mix. It doesn’t matter what a student’s age, skill level, or background is: They will go home with all the tools they need to practice and advance on their own.

Matt has been immersed in piano since he started taking lessons at the age of seven. Since then, he has widened his musical outlook by learning several other instruments and practicing composition. After performing and competing avidly throughout high school, Matt went on to graduate from the University of New Hampshire where he studied classical performance with focuses on piano pedagogy and music theory. He now devotes his time to his jazz fusion group, his solo classical career, and encouraging all of the valuable skills and habits he has learned on the way.

Helen Meng

Helen has been teaching piano for many years and enjoys working with music lovers of various backgrounds and ages. To her, music is an integral part of life and she feels blessed to share it with others. She values having fun, and bringing joy and knowledge to lessons she teaches. Through developing many different skills and using a wide variety of repertoire, Helen finds her students connect most deeply with music.

Currently, Helen is a Doctoral degree candidate in Musical Arts and holds a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance at Boston University. She has performed on stages including Boston Symphony hall and Lincoln center. She was also chosen to premier in Percy Granger’s “The Warriors” in Boston Symphony Hall in 2012.

When Helen is not teaching or performing, she loves to cook, swim, and watch movies.

Jaime Nieri

Jaime enjoys teaching music and sharing it with everybody, focusing on proper technique, rhythm and developing a good ear, as well as studying music theory and sight-reading. The learning process should always be fun and challenging at the same time, making mistakes something the student can learn from, but also something to laugh about. Anybody can play music and the goal after every lesson is always to feel that you were being challenged, but also that you had a great time.

Jaime started playing classical guitar at age 15 and then moved to electric guitar in the coming years. He listens and plays a wide variety of styles and is also interested in songwriting and composition. After going to Business School back in his hometown Perú, he attended Berklee College of Music with the Latin American Scholarship and graduated double major in Contemporary Writing and Production and Songwriting. He is now invested in playing live with “Nodus” his Prog. Rock Band and with different artist in the Boston area and also teaching and sharing music as much as possible.