I’m so glad that you have discovered Musicians Playground’s website! I hope you find it to be a valuable tool as you make the important choice of who will be helping you achieve your musical goals.

After over ten years of private teaching experience, I finally founded my dream studio called Musicians Playground! I wanted the Playground to be “home” for beginning musicians, both young and old, excited to explore the world of music and all of its wonderful possibilities. It’s evolved to be a truly remarkable place where imaginations are inspired, creativity is embraced, dreams are realized, passion is ignited, and love for music is fostered.

For me, music has always been a lifelong love and fascination. It’s the only thing in the world that makes me feel fully alive. And no matter where I’ve gone in life, it has always paid me a visit time and time again. It’s that relentless friend I can’t get rid of, that breath of fresh air I’m so desperately in need of, and in many ways is a mirror that offers me the truest reflection of who I am.

It is my hope that at Musicians Playground, you can start to develop a love and passion for the music inside of you – and that you too, can discover how rewarding it is to make music a part of your life. So please, join the Playground – and let us support you in the beginnings and continuations of your musical journey.

See you there!


Alyssa O’Toole, Founder


Alyssa O’Toole, Founder and Director of Musicians Playground, has been actively involved in music education, composition, and performance for over ten years. She has studied music at several leading institutions including Berklee College of Music, Ithaca College and, Colgate University. In 2011 she was accepted into the continuing education program at New England Conservatory in Boston, MA where she studies under internationally renowned pianist, Dr. Deborah Nemko, amongst many other superb faculty members. Her continuing education will be used toward completion of a Masters of Music degree.

O’Toole’s career began at age eight, when she wrote her first composition after having only a few formal music lessons. Her sophisticated understanding of sound at such a young age caught the attention of distinguished pianist, Vera Brindisi. Brindisi trained O’Toole for the remainder of her adolescent years, and ultimately prepared her for entry to competitive music programs. Throughout this time, O’Toole’s affinity for sound and the infinite possibilities translated to countless original compositions and film scores.

In 2007 O’Toole decided to attend Ithaca College. In just three years, she earned her undergraduate degree and moved to Boston to open her dream studio – Musicians Playground.

Her studio is a creation motivated by her intense love for teaching and helping others. Since, she has gained extensive teaching experience in both private and group settings, where she has served as a musical coach for countless individuals. O’Toole’s ability to inspire others knows no bounds. Her clients are of all ages and backgrounds; from infants to senior citizens, to under-privileged and special needs students. Those that know her describe her as a highly animated, loving, and compassionate instructor who believes all individuals can experience music in a positive and beneficial way.

As part of her fierce devotion to making music accessible and enjoyable for everyone – O’Toole recently launched the “Hands Series” in Boston, MA in Fall 2014 and the series is now expected to run throughout 2015 in major cities across the country including NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

She very much values being a part of the music community and is a member of the Massachusetts Music Teachers Association (MMTA) as well as a certified early childhood music educator through Musikgarten. Her ultimate hope is that each of her life endeavors will unlock the opportunity to share the gift of music and life, with others.